Michelle is a featured singer with the group. She can also be seen singing lead vocals with the Brandy Stills Band.


Gary has played music since he was ten years old in Bainbridge, GA. He fronted All Rites Reserved with some hometown friends before relocating to Washington D.C. in the early 80s. He has followed his muse through various musical pursuits in the years since, including DMV-based bands the Top Dock Rockers and Moonshadow. A Tallahassee concert featuring Ronnie Montrose, Van Halen, and Journey in 1978 stands out as a pivotal moment in his life.


Stylistically Daniel takes after R.E.M., Wilco, Neil Young, and Tom Waits. He rocked Dave’s Taverna in Harrisonburg, VA on Tuesday nights as the frontman for Gary Haggerty and the Heartless Bastards back in his college days. Having been steeped in grunge, Daniel grew through Jaxx, IOTA Club, Cue Records, and 930 Club. He still cranks Black Sabbath Volume 4 on the occasional Saturday afternoon.

John rock

John is a keyboardist and award winning songwriter who has played in bands since the age of fourteen. Prior to joining the Moondaddies, John spent six years with area rock and soul band Who’s Ya Daddie. As a piano player from Long Island, John’s first major influence was Billy Joel then expanding to most of the singer songwriters and rock/pop bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s including  the Beatles, Elton John, The Who, Chicago, Bruce Springsteen, and Steely Dan. Most of John’s songwriting is concentrated in the country/pop genre. Nashville recordings of John’s songs can be found at www.riderpublishing.com.

img_0979Chris has performed on bass, lead guitar, and drums in bands since high school at various venues in Richmond and Northern Virginia, notably Jammin’ Java in Vienna, where he also provided lead vocals for Retrosystem. He derives influence from Tame Impala, Gary Clark Jr., and the Beatles. He elevates songs with his tasteful bass runs and unique vocal styles.